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We deliver videos of a wide variety. From Corporate to Fashion. With our unique vision and way of work, we create stunning footage.

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Our Team

We work with a lot of freelancers, wich also happends to be our best friends. For small projects we have a small team. For big productions? We create a big team. We. Can. Handle. Everything.
Team Member
Dennis Bravenboer

Owner / Creative Director

Team Member
Nando Dullaart

Camera / Edit

Team Member
Jelmer Kivits

Camera / Edit

Award winning

We became second place in the Adobe Achievement Awards 2015 with our short film: The power of Choice. That is the SECOND BEST in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Reach us anytime

Just like it says above, reach us anytime. Contact us whenever you want. And when we are asleep, we get back at you as soon as we finish our first coffee in the morning.

Quality work

We deliver quality. From HD till 4k video. But not ot only in video, also in service. We are here for you 24/7.

Reasonable costs

For a reasonable price you will have awesome video. And of course, you can make it as crazy as you want. We deliver: video, visual effects, motion graphics, drone footage, time & hyper lapses, sound design etc.

Goal oriented

We work efficiently and quick in 3 steps. Read more about this at “work method”.

We work fast

We are not wizards. of course. But we can make the whole production happen in a short amount of time. Even “speed edits” on request.


Adjustable and flexible. We always try to make things happen.  We always try to make things work in the way you like.

We go the extra mile

We go on untill we have that perfect shot. Decide the right choices in the edit. If you still doubting on something in the video, we are more than happy to change it for you.


Work Method

We work with three efficient steps. These are our guidelines in each and every production. This also makes it way easier for you to work with us.

Pre - Production

Aperture Films will help you from the very start of the project. Our planning includes writing the concept, storytelling, shotlists and targeting. Asking the famous 5W1H questions: Who, what, where, when, why and how? You will receive a film script including shotlist and callsheet. So everyone involved in the project will know what’s going on. We work with the most up to date camera’s and equipment so we can focus on being creative. Not the limitations of the camera’s and / or equipment.


Alone or our talented team of professional freelancers work together fluidity to make the best out of every project. Making sure everything goes as plan and create what you had in mind. Our freelance based professionals are a variety of directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, drone operators, editors, and the list goes on.

Post - Production

After filming, we will turn our raw footage into a unique video. Just what you had in mind, or even better. Our service includes editing, visual effects, motion graphics, sound design and color correction. Got feedback? No problem. We will change it in any way you like.

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